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Across and Into #1 from Flow Motion

Welcome, this website is intended to offer a glimpse of what I do, to introduce some of the themes of my research and some of the projects I have been involved with. None of the work here has been conceived of for screen display but has many iterations, as exhibitions, artworks and texts in a variety of sites of discourse, of which the web is but one. Many of the artworks rely on specific scales, locations and materials for their full appreciation.

Portrait in 19 Bags in Cork Museum, Fitzgerald Park, 2015. From the Remains project.

I come from a  background in visual art, archaeology and ecology.  My work draws on theories and philosophies from a cultural geographic perspective, ranging from phenomenology and time to considerations of space, place and visual art methodologies.

My research is informed by a long standing interest in how we relate to the environments that we inhabit and dwell in. In how we are embodied in space as perceiving beings; how we communicate our experiences, fears, concerns and pleasures to others. Environments and the beings that inhabit them are always in a constant state of flux, in movement and change. I seek to find new ways to interpret these states by developing projects that probe relationships to environments.

Tree fall #5 Visit #1, 2012 from the Continuum project

From early in my art practice, I have had an interest in the interpretation of the environment as a space of actions and processes, drawing on the land art movement. Initially, I made sculptures in the landscape but realised that these works are often seen, and in general, only communicate to an audience through the monocular apparatus of lens-based media. As such the conveyance of experiences and processes involved in making and perceiving in the environment were largely lost on those beholding the resulting images. This led me to practices of construction for or with the camera, eventually leading to a philosophy of challenging the hegemonic dominance of photography as a way of visual communication, whilst still using the medium as a tool of interpretation. Themes and practices include archaeological excavation, re- and up-cycling, industrial ruination, urban hinterlands, marginal rural space, and coasts as bioregional edges. Forms include sculpture and installation, photography and film, drawing and writing.

I recently completed a doctoral research project (title:- In Flux; Land, Photography and Temporality) at Northampton University (2011-2015). Prior to this, I studied an M. A. in Documentary Photography at The Centre for Photographic Research, University of Wales, Newport (2005 – 2007). My academic studies began at the University of Sunderland, where I studied Fine Art (Sculpture and Photography) B.A.(hons) graduating in 1991.

Artworks are available to purchase, most can be printed to order within specific requirements, contact me for further details.

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