Boda Blog 2

After arriving on Monday, I got straight down to work with my assistant Andreas, who’s done a great job of constructing a darkroom down in the basement. We’ve managed to develop the first films, do some printing and tested the photo-emulsion on permatrace and it works. My first test image was of a road, not here, but in Ireland, near my point of departure.

Road out of Cork

Interesting how it looks with different backgrounds and light conditions. The semi-translucent quality of the paper makes the background show through. I have had the thought that hanging in space might be good, then as the viewer moves the background would change.

Project Map (5/7/2019) (122 x 151 cm)

I’ve also got started on the map. This is my reference point for the project. Each time I venture out to do some work, then the path I follow will be marked on this map, as well as identifying the empty houses hereabouts. So far I know of six buildings of which five are houses. The other is another factory, that has a sign with ‘Design House’ outside. I have a feeling that this will be almost unreadable by the end of my stay. I suspect I’ve spotted another house that no-one has mentioned to me, I’ll see what is out there in the next week, when I spend much more time in the village and around it.

Stretcher, ‘The road out of Cork’ and the map in the studio

In a strange coincidence, perhaps, in the week Andreas found an ‘ambulance’ stretcher in the basement (outside the darkroom). Strange because in 1999, I did a project where I also found stretchers in an industrial building. This is a good omen, I now have the first found object, or artefact for the project.